One Healthcare opens in new window is a secure, centralized identity management solution that enables single sign-on capabilities for all integrated applications. One Healthcare ID offers a secure multifactor identity management solution that allows easy access to various United Healthcare applications and provides quick access to all of your Employer eServices accounts.


One Healthcare ID enables providers to log into www.umr.com and access information about plans managed by UMR. Please click on the link below to register for or to sign in with your One Healthcare ID.

You may have already created a One Healthcare ID for One Healthcare ID is used by many websites, so if you already have a One Healthcare ID, you can access umr.com using that one.

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Login Steps For UMR Providers

The login page is displayed when you select the login link or button for the application you want to access. A Healthcare ID authenticates you as a user of one or more apps.

  • Visit to www.umr.com and select ‘Provider’ Option
  • Click ‘Login/Register’ Button At the top of the corner.
  • Select Provider again and Select ‘Login/Register with One Healthcare ID’
  • Select your email address or your One Healthcare ID or Email ID.
  • Type Password
  • Click Button’ Sign In

Now, you can Login Into UMR Provider Portal and access all your benefits and accesses information to help patients.


How To Register At Portal?

A Healthcare ID authenticates you as a user of one or more apps. Your One Healthcare ID is unique and belongs to you. Here are some steps to create your unique Health ID.

  • Go to www.umr.com, select your service provider and click on “Login/register with a One Healthcare Card.”
  • You will be open to One Healthcare ID’s login page on the next page. Then select “Create One Healthcare ID.” This will bring up a form with the following information:
  • Enter your name in the First and Last Name fields, birth year or date.
  • Enter Your Email Address.
  • Healthcare ID can be whatever you want
  • In the creation of a password field, enter a password Twice
  • Select Add Security Questions. Proceed to the next step to select and answer your security questions.
  • Select I ‘I Agree’ Button to Completion of the One Healthcare ID registration process.

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